October 1st

 Weekend Notes

* MAP Testing will begin on Thursday, 10/7

* Pizza lunches will begin next Friday, 10/8

* Reading Logs were due today.  If you did not submit yours today, please return on Monday.

* Congratulations to Maximo Pertuz, our new Student of the Week!

**Adios, Blogger!  We will be transitioning to Google Classroom next week.  Invites were sent on Wednesday.  If you haven't received an invitation to join our Google Classroom, please let me know.

September 30th

 Homework # 12

1) Math- Do text page 64 # 1-15

             - Test tomorrow Chapter 1 ( text pages 36-61)

2) Vocabulary- Test tomorrow Unit 2

* Reading Logs due tomorrow.*

* 12:00 dismissal tomorrow- No Aftercare.

September 29th

 Homework # 11

1) Math- WB page 10

              - Test Friday Chapter 1

2) English- WB page 10

3) Vocabulary- Test Friday Unit 2

* Tag Day tomorrow $2.00- Funds collected will support Afghan refugees.

* 12:00 dismissal on Friday.

* Daily posts will appear both here and on Google Classroom for the remainder of this week.  Next week we will begin Google Classroom only.

September 28th

  Homework #10

1) Math- WB page 10

            - Test Friday Chapter 1

2) Science- worksheet

3) Vocabulary- WB page 23

                       - Test Friday Unit 2

* Tag Day on Thursday- $2.00 to aid Afghan refugees.

September 27th

 Homework # 9

1) Math- WB page 7

2) Science- worksheet

3) Vocabulary- WB page 20

* Letters went home today with book project instructions.  Please check Homework folders.

* Here is a video with some extra help for counting up to make change:  Please let me know if you're unable to open it:


September 24th

 Weekend Notes

- Please continue filling in your Reading Log.  They will be collected and graded at the end of the month.

-Next Friday, October 1st is a half day- 12:00 dismissal.

- Here is a video to help you review making change:


- Congratulations to Natalie Sayegh, our new Student of the Week!

September 23rd

 Homework #8

1) Math- WB page 8 # 1, 2, and 3 only

2) Religion- Test tomorrow Chapter 1.  Don't forget your Bible Verse!

3) Spelling- Test tomorrow